Kaliber Imaging: On The Move

Things have been heating up here at Kaliber Imaging and we would like to take a second to tell you all about all that we have been working on. First off, welcome to our newly redesigned website. With help from Jacob Lamb, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater student, our website is looking better than ever and includes the addition of our blog.

In other news, we have moved! Making the big move in May 2015, Kaliber Imaging has joined the Whitewater, Wisconsin community and is now an Affiliate member of the Whitewater University Technology Park Innovation Center. The Center has provided us with a great foundation here in Wisconsin, as well as a wonderful team of seven interns from UW-Whitewater that assist in areas ranging from marketing to software development.

Kaliber Imaging began its story when Co-Founder Judy Reinhold felt the emotional pain of residents in an assisted care facility. “Every day at least one resident would fall, resulting in a visit to the emergency room for a number of uncomfortable and costly tests,” stated Reinhold. “Even though they would return, they still had a fear of falling. I watched them spiral down in activities, making them more vulnerable for future falls.” Working with Co-Founder Ralph Reinhold, the partners developed the Mobility Monitor Assessment system (MMAS).

Kaliber Imaging’s MMAS assesses, tracks and archives movement, thus allowing for early intervention and reduced falls. Since moving to Whitewater, the company has expanded into other platforms of interest including the assessment of concussions in sports, and sport enhancement – runners, golf swing assessment, etc. The system is undergoing testing at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Motion Analysis Lab.

Overall, Kaliber Imaging is on the cusp of full development and we could not be more excited to share our journey with you. Stay tuned for more updates, industry news, and other great content!